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Proposed Donatison to the State of South Carolina

South Carolina Electric and Gas has proposed a public/private partnership with an Eight Year Phased Donation with South Carolina for the operation of Lake Murray. A Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding was entered into on August 21, 2000. Item 2 of Letter of Intent provides as follows:  

SCE&G will undertake to develop a plan that will allow SCE&G to routinely operate the Saluda Hydroelectric project in such a manner as to maintain the average low level of Lake Murray at elevation 354 which is approximately 1 foot above the current 10-year average low level. It should be understood that this effort must allow for operation at lower levels in circumstances of certain foreseeable as well as certain unanticipated events, such as drought, system emergencies requiring "black start" operation, maintenance/construction issues, aquatic weed control draw-downs as directed by DNR and future minimum and recreational flow requirements.

For purposes of the below dam interests, the "future minimum and recreational flow requirements" must be maintained as part of the Saluda Hyrdro re-licensing.

Carolina Water Services Request to Continue Discharging Treated Effluent into the Lower Saluda

Carolina Water Services has requested a permit amendment that will allow permanent discharges of treated sewage into the Lower Saluda River (See Aerial Photograph). The requested amendment is currently before South Carolina DHEC and it is rumored that DHEC may make a decision in the near future, so input is needed now. For more detailed information and political contacts, go here. For the South Carolina Department of Natural Resource's position on this issue see this letter (FERC Docket Information) and this comment (FERC Docket Information) filed by Parkin Hunter.

Fringe Land Sales

Read these documents filed by the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League/American Rivers (FERC Docket Information) and the League of Women Voters of the Columbia Area (FERC Docket Information)to see their positions on fringe land sales and possible impacts on the Lake Murray Project.

Possible Spillway Expansion and Impact on Downstream Flooding

Read this request for advice (FERC Docket Information) filed with FERC by SCE&G with regard to how to manage Project 516 for the anticipated maximum precipitation event. See also this comment (FERC Docket Information) filed by Parkin Hunter discussing how this could be important in light of the proposed Green Diamond (Burroughs & Chapin) Development on the Congaree River downstream from the Lake Murray Dam.