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Saluda, Lake Murray, FERC Fringe Land, Fringeland


There are six fringe land sales pending on the shoreline of Lake Murray at the request of South Carolina Electric & Gas. FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) has been asked to approve these sales. These sales may be commented on until October 4, 2001. Motions to intervene must also be filed and served by October 4, 2001.

To my knowledge, all fringe land sales requested by South Carolina Electric & Gas have been approved by FERC. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know by email.

It is critical that those in opposition to the further development of Lake Murray either comment in opposition or move to intervene by October 4, 2001.


There will be a meeting and presentation about the relicensing of the Saluda Hydroelectric Project at the USC Law School Auditorium from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM on Monday, November 5, 2001. Speakers will be Gerrit J÷bsis of the Conservation League and Steve Gilbert of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. (Please enter from the door at the corner of Main and Devine streets.)

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Public Notice

Sample Motion to Intervene by Lake Watch

FERC Filing Procedures: Note: FERC comments and motions to intervene must be presented either in paper form or through FERC's e-filing procedures. Email is not acceptable. Follow the instructions on this page carefully. Reference all of the docket numbers (6). See the sample motion to intervene by Lake Watch. Also, if you e-file, e-file in each sub-docket. If you e-file, you must enter the dockets as P-516-354, P-516-355, P-516-356, P-516-357, P-516-358, and P-516-359. It must be done precisely. There does not appear to be any fuzzy logic in FERC's programming.

Talking Points

Talking Points for Comments and Letters

1- The land sales are not in the best interest of Lake Murray and its public benefits. Indications are that continued sale of project properties will only lead to increased water quality and public recreation problems as well as direct loss of wildlife habitat. Per license Article 30A, project lands should only be sold if they will protect or benefit the project. The personal gains of adjacent landowners and corporate gains of SCE&G should not be allowed to override the long-term benefits of Lake Murray to the public and to the public's natural resources.

2- All agencies that have commented on these sales are in opposition. No one other than SCE&G and the private landowners who will benefit from these sales are in support.

3- Water quality in the vicinity of these proposed sales is in violation of State water quality standards for copper and phosphorous. Permitting these sales and allowing associated development will only exacerbate water quality, especially for phosphorous.

4- SCE&G has never completed their 5-year shoreline review that was due in September 1999. Comments they received from state and federal agencies and citizens clearly expressed concern or opposition to continuing land sales according to the existing plan. No additional land sales should be permitted until the five-year review and necessary studies have been completed.

5- SCANA has proposed to "donate" some of the shoreline to the State of South Carolina. While still under negotiations, some of the properties being proposed for sale have been recommended for long-term protection by the state and are a key negotiating point. Allowing the sale of these lands now will seriously undermine the public benefits that can be derived from SCANA's proposal.

6- In less than a year, SCE&G will begin the relicensing of the Saluda (Lake Murray) project. Sales of major shoreline areas should be stopped until, and if, they are allowed to resume after the completion of the relicensing process which will consider all issues and will be conducted with the required public input.

7- The cumulative effects of these sales, other pending sales and potential future sales on water quality, fish and wildlife, public recreation, etc should be assessed.

Contacts to Send Copies

Governor James H. Hodges
Post Office Box 11829
Columbia SC 29211
Telephone: (803) 734-9400

Hank Stallworth (Governor Hodge's Environmental Coordinator)(803-734-0423)

Senator Strom Thurmond
217 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4011

Senator Ernest F. Hollings
217 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4002
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