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Monitoring is available from the Internet.  Sources that I am aware of are the Federal Register and certain online FERC databases. For a Federal Register search, I have found that this search string in the search terms block will return results for South Carolina electric & Gas projects:

Saluda & "South Carolina Electric & Gas"

There are short time periods so monitoring is necessary. For any actions, if you want to intervene, there is a thirty-day intervention period.

So, how can you track the proceedings?

Information for expiration for all hydro licenses under FERC Regulation is available: Hydro Licenses. The lake Murray Project is Project 516 (P-516). The project number is critical and should be included on any correspondence.

FERC has historically maintained two online databases. These are the FERC CIPS and the FERC RIMS sites. However, as of August 8, 2002, the RIMS and CIPS sites are no longer being updated. These are being replaced by FERRIS. As of this update, CIPS and RIMS could still be sued for data prior to August 8, 2002. FERRIS combines the information that was previously available in the RIMS and CIPS databases.

For a calendar of filings by FERC pertaining to Lake Murray (Saluda Hydro P-516) go to FERRIS and select "General Search" or you may go directly to the General Search Site. Select the options you desire such as date range. Submittals are documents filed with FERC by outsiders and Issuances are orders, etc. issued by FERC. The key to a successful search is entering the Docket Number in the Docket Number box. The docket number should be inserted as "P-516" without the quotes. The project number, P-516 (in this format), is the key to obtaining information. If you know the sub docket number you can narrow your information retrieval. All matters pertaining to Saluda Hydro will be docketed under the master docket number, P-516. Individual issues are given sub docket numbers.

My preference for downloading is to right click and use "Save As". This seems to work well. For the images, you will need a Tif viewer. The "Imaging for windows" software will handle tif images. Look under "Programs" and then "Accessories" to se if you have this software.

If you have prblems following the steps set forth on this page, please email me so I can correct it.