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Saluda, Lake Murray, FERC Fringe Land, Fringeland

Lake Watch Motion to Intervene

The following is a sample motion to intervene that has been filed by Lake Watch. It includes good information to include in any comments or motions you may want to file.

Lake Watch
2116 Kennedy St.
Columbia. SC 29205
Ph. 803-254-0955

Motion to Intervene In Opposition

Project 516

September 19, 2001

Mr. David Boergers, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 888 First Street, N .E.
Washington, D.C. 20426

Re: Saluda River Hydro Project 516; Application to Convey 6 Parcels totaling 13.66 Acres of Project Lands for Residential Development: Project No.: 516-354, 516-355, 516-356, 516-357, 516-358, 516-359

Dear Mr. Boergers

The Lake Watch Organization is a diverse group of lake users who are very active in Lake Murray shoreline issues. We are currently Intervenors in the Lake Murray Land Use and Shoreline Management Plan- 5 year review. On behalf of our members, and other lake users who are concerned about the negative impacts associated with private development on Lake Murray, I hereby file a motion to intervene in opposition to South Carolina Electric and Gas Company's request to convey the above referenced project lands. Our opposition is based on the following:

1-These shorelines in question are currently open to the public for such uses as bank fishing, primitive camping, hiking, overnight anchorage, and wildlife observing. They also provide important scenic and aesthetic values. Approval to sell these lands will exclude future public use of these lands and destroy the lake's natural beauty... F o r e v e r !

2- These shorelines provide homes for many wildlife species. The sale of these lands will result in the destruction of over 6 acres of wildlife habitat. Restricted clearing in the buffer zones will drive off most wildlife species in these areas. .In addition, it has been observed that within several years most vegetation below the high water mark will be cleared. These areas are critical to maintain the lake's fisheries.

3- The approval of these request will further degrade the lake's water by allowing more non-pt source run-off as a result of these developments. Several areas on the lake have been placed on DHEC's 303d (impaired) list.

4- Three hundred and twenty miles of shoreline have already been developed or will be developed.. SCE&G's shoreline plan recommends that an additional 80 miles of shoreline be considered for development. Cumulative impacts resulting from the sale of these remaining shorelines will represent substantial loss of the project's public resources.

5-1f approved future generations will be denied the enjoyment of the lake's natural beauty. Each new development will allow a dock, a 14 x 14 covered gazebo, and a boat lift, every 100 ft. of shoreline. Scenic and aesthetic values will be destroyed if these request are approved.

6-Many visitors to this project represent minorities and others whose income will never allow them to own a piece of Lake Murray's shoreline. At present, these people can claim a piece of the shoreline by utilizing undeveloped areas to enjoy the lake's natural beauty, its wildlife, fisheries, and its scenic and aesthetic values. Approval of this request will deny these people and future generations the many benefits natural areas offer.

Mr. Richard Hudsen, a Charlestonian. made the following quote regarding urban development which we feel is appropriate at this time., "Man is generally selfish and greedy, and left unchecked he will do whatever he can to extract the last dollar out of what God has given him, even at the expense of others andfuture generations.. "

The public has entrusted the Commission with the responsibility of protecting the natural resources of this project. For the public good with ask the Commission to deny this request.

We thank the Commission for public noticing these request which allows "stakeholders to have input into this important issue.


Steve Bell
Lake Watch

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